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Meaning. That's why I do it. The goosebumps that chill my skin when I witness pure intimacy. That's why I do it. The smile that somehow always manages to spread across my face when two people connect. Raw. That's why I do it.  Film is an experience. A wrinkle in time. A nostalgia catalyst. I have been filming for six years now and it never gets old. Catching moments of genuine intimacy, love, and bliss is truly so fulfilling and I can't imagine my life without it.  A shoot with me means authenticity. My goal is to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I want to capture the essence of your relationship. We don't play by the rules. What makes you happy? What makes your love special? I don't do that traditional cut and paste crap. I want personality. I want organic.  I love how raw film is. Geesh I sound like a broken record. Bear with me. It has the ability to capture moments in their purest form. I don't shoot by any guidelines. I am not going to force anything. We are going to go with the flow and let the magic come to us.  One of the most fulfilling aspects of my job is getting to meet so many personalities. I don't want to stick to a routine. Let's break habits. Show me what makes your relationship unique. Be honest. Tell me about that on time your fiance farted in front of you and thats when you realized you loved him. Your story is important to me.  Let's make some magic.