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Panache has been created to protect and maintain the talent/model’s makeup used periodically over a duration of time while keeping the makeup clean and sanitary. Additionally, what I realized is that Panache can also be a perfect tool for embalmers/morticians. I got the opportunity to help another makeup artist who created cosmetics and restorative products for embalmers and morticians. Due to this, I found that Panache is a viable product to help while they work. WHY DOES PANACHE EXIST? 1. Reduce/eliminate makeup waste 2. For each model/actor to have their own Panache palette, where artists can just quickly take out, touch up, and put away 3. Reduce/eliminate exposure contamination risk (e.g., dust in the air, germs and natural debris, coffee and other elements of common human use, etc.) 4. Maintains organization of makeup workspace and reduces mistakes by eliminating fumbling around looking for the right makeup item (per actor, each of whom may have an array of makeup items that is specifically coordinated to that actor's skin tone, or a type of scene being filmed, etc.) 5. Quick access to makeup workspace (especially important in time-constrained situations, e.g., between takes) 6. User friendly design, which makes it easy to hold and carry Panache was designed for all make-up artists who love what they do and want a new simplistic approach. Panache could be a gift for an aspiring make-up artist, a gift for your friends, or yourself. It has been created for you and your make-up in mind to be kept safe and sanitary!